Home Maintenance to Do During Spring Time

Spring is a beautiful season where flowers bloom and the sun starts to show its power. It is also the season where you have to get rid of whatever is left of winter. 


Home maintenance can be a big chore. In fact, it can be laborious. But it is important to maintain safety and comfort for the whole family. And you don’t have to do it alone. Professionals are just standing by, waiting for your call if you need them. 


Maintaining or repairing the house can differ with each season. Here are some that can be done during spring. 





General Clean-up 


Rake the leaves and twigs that fell from the trees or other plants. Check for leaks in your outside faucets or pipes. Trade your snow blower for the lawn mower and start mowing the grass before they grow too long.  





Have an arborist check your trees, shrubs, and other plants to see if they have diseases and make necessary actions before they affect others around them. The common eye can miss seeing a dying or dead tree which can be dangerous in the long run. 



Outside the House 



Exterior Paint 


A chipping and peeling paint will need to be re-painted. It is best to hire a professional for this job. 





If you have a swimming pool, then you’ll definitely want to have it checked for repairs. You don’t want to be dipping in if it isn’t ready yet.  





Not everyone will use the patio during winter especially if the temperature outside is freezing or below it. Chances are, it will have a good amount of build-up that you will need sweeping. After thoroughly cleaning it, check for breaks and damages that will need repairing. 



General Bath 


The outside of your house will need scrubbing too. Give it a bath. All you’ll need is some cleaning tools and mild detergent, and a water hose. 



Inside the House 





If only the filters are what needs replacing, you can do it yourself. If it’s the cooling and air systems that have issues, then you’ll need the help of an expert. 





Check your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, bathtub, etc, for leaks. If a simple adjustment will do the trick, then you don’t have to call a plumber. But if it’s something you are apprehensive or are sure of not fixing on your own, call for a professional. Check plumbing service serving Riverside CA if you live in the area.  



Smoke Alarms and Detectors 


Smoke alarms and detectors that don’t work can be a big problem. A fire can spread and burn the house to the ground before the fire rescue arrives. Have them checked before summer arrives and hot temperatures reign in. 





Cleaning the chimney doesn’t start and end during autumn. Even if you don’t use it often, it still needs regular check-ups and clean-ups. Some dangerous fumes or chemicals might be left that might make their way to your home’s air inside.